Why Exherbo was announced

First of all, Exherbo was announced because some elements of it will be discussed at an upcoming conference. Rather than having a blank page and let people start various rumors it seemed wise to at least let people know what was going on. But in an effort not to hype it above what it was, we didn’t hand over all available information and code.
Unfortunately Slashdot picked up the announcement because some tard decided it would be a great idea to submit it to them. We did not do that ourselves because, as we state on the website, we have no need for users at the moment and exherbo won’t fulfill users demands for the foreseeable future. That is not to say exherbo won’t ever become useful but we’re not there at the moment. Some very basic things still need to be worked out properly.

As for the actual sourcecode of what we’ve done so far, it will be put up for public scrutiny and enjoyment once the things have settled down a bit again (so likely sometime this week).
Edit: See how great we are? ‘Source Code’ is now available from the site.

One thought on “Why Exherbo was announced”

  1. i picked up on it from slashdot, sorry.

    i quite appreciated the frankness in the overview of the distro, and of this post as well, but until I found it — the message was rather confusing. Maybe this post should be linked in the overview?

    Although it’s not ready for prime-time, I’d be interested in lurking around the development of exherbo to see how a distro develops. I’ve been keeping my eye out for distro’s specifically tuned to the “educated” developer rather than the classic “admin” or “never-touched-linux” users.

    Good luck with it.

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